Friday, October 8, 2010

Dog Eat Dog Election (Poem)

Dog Eat Dog Election

The 2010 election!

Dog election!

It's a Dog Eat Dog election

which will be held and dominated unfairly

by inhumane belligerents and dirty dogs.

It's a sham and total farce.

Don't play the dog and pony show.

Everybody knows

their shaggy dog stories,

internally and externally.

In this Dog election,

Dogs will sit on the throne and seize power

and eat a real dog's breakfast.

Dogs will try their best to lead Burma into a dog's life.

Dog beggars will support,

and listen to the military dogs'

typical Dog-at-my-homework excuses.

They will cheer it as

'Hot dog!'

It's a dog's life.

There will be many dirty dogs

that are meaner than a junkyard dog

in the parliament of the dogs.

Some opportunists are also

like dog hoping to be thrown a bone.

Some opportunists are

fighting like cats and dogs.

People know well

all Dog election supporters are

crooked as a dog's hind leg.

Real activists

don't have a Dog's chance

of participating in this dog show.

If you lie down with Dogs,

you will get up with fleas.

No Vote!

No Vote!

No Vote!

It's a Dog Eat Dog election.

It's a Dog Eat Dog election.

It's a Dog Eat Dog election.

(To ...persons who fled has with rabbits and go along with dogs)

Writers…Blogger Alinsek & Kamikaze

8. September. 2010

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