Friday, April 23, 2010

The Minutemen are turning in their graves

To those who support Myanmar military junta's sham 2010 election and
sacrifice and misconduct our rights,blood, tears,lives, national identity, lands and all things
for power, position, and opportunities.

You all are real opportunists and traitors and men who sell your father's bones.

So,we condemn you all absolutely!!!.

We would you like to read and think deeply this story and quotes and,
listen this song carefully
to understand and regert your ego and misconducts.
Your misconducts are very shameful!!!

The wars between the conquerors of the American West and the Indians grew ever more violent. Shortly before he died, the father of Chief Joseph (1840-1904) called him to his side.

‘My son, my body will soon return to Mother Earth,’ he said. ‘When I leave, this land is your inheritance. I am not leaving money or wealth, and the power you receive from me is not a motive for pride, but a responsibility. I leave in your hands our people and the ground that you walk on; I hope you will prove worthy of the task. Soon the white men will have us completely surrounded and they will try to buy our Mother. Remember that my body lies there and that I am part of Her.’

Joseph took his father’s hand, pressed it to his breast and promised never to sell the land.

The white men tried to buy the land, and the chief refused to sell. The conflict grew ever bloodier, and Joseph led his army into battle against the American soldiers. When he was captured, he was asked why he was fighting to defend a lost cause.

A man does not sell his father’s bones,’ he said.

("I am part of the land" by Paulo Coelho)

The Minute Men are turning in their graves

They march in lines and carry signs protesters one and all
They'd rather go to prison than to heed their country's call
Get out of here get out of there let's have an end to war
I'm glad they weren't around to say get out of Valley Forge

The Minute Men are turning in their graves
Washington and Jefferson are crying tears of shame
To see these men who'd rather live as slaves
The Minute Men are turning in their graves

What's happened to our heritage what's happen to our pride
Since when do free Americans pull for the other side
Did we send food to Hitler's troops or praise the enemy
Did all our children die in vain defending liberty

The Minute Men are turning in their graves...

I can't condemn a man who feels that taking life is wrong
But I fail to understand a man that won't defend his home
Dear Lord I've got one little prayer I pray in years to come
Don't ever let those kind of people serve in Washington

The Minute Men are turning in their graves...
Oh the Minute Men are turning in their graves
Oh the Minute Men are turning in their graves

(The minutemen are turning in their graves by stonewell Jackson)

My son, my body is returning to my mother earth, and my spirit is going very soon to see the Great Spirit Chief. When I am gone, think of your country. You are the chief of these people. They look to you to guide them. Always remember that your father never sold his country. You must stop your ears whenever you are asked to sign a treaty selling your home. A few years more and white men will be all around you. They have their eyes on this land. My son, never forget my dying words. This country holds your father's body. Never sell the bones of your father and your mother."
Senior Joseph

A man who would not defend his father's grave is worse than a wild animal."

Junior Joseph (1840-1904)

"I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery."



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