Saturday, August 14, 2010

Notes of Mr. Nobody (poem)

Notes of Mr. Nobody

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I am a political animal of 21st century.

But I swear I am not a politician.

It is complex age.

There is an abundance of opportunity and an abundance of opportunists.

There are many heroes who did not take part in battles

And self-appointed activists who have no activities and no performance.

There are many pioneers without creation, invention and adventure.

There are many leaders who have no sacrifice or sympathy.

There are many rulers and state-builders

Who build the 'Promised Land' and paradise on Earth

With nothing but words and speeches.


There are millions of soldiers, armed to the teeth

But they are afraid of a Lady who shares merits and kindness

In some part of the world.

Bipolar Disorder "Agony & Ecstasy"

There is a political stage or arena.

With many players, actors and actresses.

Some act as oppressors and some are oppressed.

But 99.99% are watchers.

Francesco (Clemente)

There are many sophisticated weapons and modern diseases.

A handful of people try to go to other planets legally

Meanwhile millions of people try to pass the border-line illegally.

There are many general elections without general wills.

There are many desires of the people without approval of the people.


Most people draw their own lines on the earth

And then regard this plot as their own rights or property.

They make a fence and ignore their neighbors.

They build a small dark room in their house.

Then they enter this room and lock themselves in.

They close their eyes and throw the key away.

And then become permanent prisoners of life.


99% of human beings are suffering from

political and socially-affected disease such as

Suicidal thoughts, self-harm and suicide

Chronic anxiety

Hostility, irritability,

Outbursts of aggression

Memory problems,


Decreased cognitive functioning,

Somatic complaints

Substance misuse, addiction,

Loss of trust in others, self

Identity and self-esteem problems,

Stigma, guilt, shame,

Difficulty developing and maintaining intimate relationships,

Somatic complaints,

Chronic headaches,

Stomach pain, trembling,

Heart palpitations,

Sleep disturbances, frequent nightmares,

Chronic fatigue,

Depression, frequent crying,


Chronic anxiety,

Post traumatic stress disorder symptom,

Agitation, restlessness,

Feelings of uselessness, worthlessness and hopeless,

Panic Disorder,

Phobic Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder,

Twitching and feeling shaky,


Muscle tension,

Shortness of breath, hyperventilation,


Getting easily startled,

Autonomic hyperactivity,


Numbness and tingling,

Difficulty swallowing

Flushing and Pallor,


Sweating, cold hand, diarrhoea,

Dry mouth, Urinary frequency,

Feeling of dread,

Hyper vigilance,


Decreased libido,

Lump in the throat,




If I could send messages or emails to God and holiest persons,

I would like to request to Him not to come human-abode personally

For the time being.

Because I believe that “God sees the truth but waits.”

Min Thu Ka (13/9/2010)

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