Monday, July 19, 2010

"Forever beauty, My motherland"

"Forever beauty, My motherland"

by Alinsek

If a flower blossoms,

Whenever I miss my motherland,

The world atlas will be

A flower map for me.

I had so many loving and tragic days

In my motherland.

Twenty-one hot seasons.

Twenty-one rainy seasons, and

Twenty-one cold seasons,

Such a long time in my country.

I no longer wish to satisfy my yearning

About missing my motherland.

My country is my Kamma.

My country is my mind.

My country is my body-temperature.

My country is nourishment.

I feel great happiness and great sadness

for my motherland.

There are many ways to Nirvana or heaven.

There are many ways to the inferno.

There are many Ditthi diseases

Which are inborn diseases.

There are many ism diseases

Which occur in adulthood.

There was a good leader who built our country,

Very honest and clever.

There was a villain who destroyed and defamed the country,

Very hostile and cunning.

There is a noble Lady who can not go out from the house

that people love and admire the most.

There is a cruel dictator who dares not go out from the house

that people hate and despise the most.

There was Democracy, a marvelous and fabulous system,

Practiced and stood for a short period.

There is military dictatorship, a cruel and brutal system,

Practiced and stood still for a long period.

There are many faithful persons

Who believe in truth and Dhamma.

There are many unfaithful persons

Who ignore truth and Dhamma.

There are commodity prices

Which fluctuate loudly

There is truth

Which is tremendous but quiet.

There is a wealthy society

Which does nothing at all.

There are numerous poor societies

which do everything tirelessly.

There are many flowers

Which are plucked and nipped in the buds.

There are many fruits

Which are very tasty and juicy

But most people do not know them.

I wish to listen our traditional music

although you can hear only the footsteps of soldiers

in my motherland.

I wish to kiss and inhale the sweet smell of my Land’s earth

Although it is smeared and spoiled

with the smell of gunpowder and bomb(s)

My soul will hover, fly, and swim forever

In the air,

In the land,

and in the waters of my motherland.

I will give thanks and smile

purely and honestly to my Land,

Even though it causes me great sadness and heartbreak.

If I say frankly and show my heart openly,

I can refuse to be emperor and sacrifice my palaces

Which are built with my grand ego and pride

For my motherland.

I am everything I am for my motherland.


Ditthi....It is wrong view or false view

Dhamma....Teachings of the Buddha

Kamma....volitional action

Ism....A belief that can be described by a word ending in -ism; Specifically, a form of discrimination, such as racism or sexism

"Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse

while all the others were making ships."

Wathone Moe @ Alinsek

12, June, 2010

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